About Us

We’ve  taken benefits to a whole new level  …  hello iTunes  …  hello Google Play  …  and hello to your powerful new Retention Engine!

About Benefit Provisions

Collectively, our founders have over 50 years of developing and providing benefit programs to employer groups, marketing organizations and associations. Having honed our skills through servicing over 4-million members, we have now introduced the very latest in cutting edge mobile technology. Through direct-to-user marketing and communication connectivity, an individual’s ‘life-value’ skyrockets, as does benefit utilization due to increased convenience and exceptional, meaningful savings. We realize that benefits alone are not enough in today’s consumer driven world.

What We Do…

We integrate your programs and co-brand our benefits into your own mobile app, available through iTunes and the Google Play marketplace. We further provide you with our cloud-based enrollment platforms and our Engagement technology. Our simplified dashboard provides numerous connection options to your consumers’ mobile and Social Media platforms, allowing for an ongoing relationship. Our marketing automation systems provide you with campaign management tools and the reports and analytics that drive intelligent marketing.

Our Clients

  • Associations
  • Unions
  • Employers
  • Financial & Insurance Organizations
  • Direct Marketers
  • Affinity and Partnership Marketing Partners



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