Benefit Provisions provides a portfolio of the most sought after white label benefit programs, that have been proven in increasing retention, rewarding loyalty and driving up revenue… delivered through the latest in mobile technology.

The MedsCard

Our FREE co-branded Rx Savings Card provides savings of up to 80% on medications at over 60,000 pharmacies nationwide. PLUS, and here’s where we shine, our card provides you with an automated ‘direct-engagement’ link through our leading-edge technology, using both mobile and social media we provide you with a residual revenue stream for each Rx issued. Your cost for the benefit, our proprietary technology, and your new, ‘long-term’ income stream – absolutely zero – zip – nada! How do we do it – give us a call, we’ll explain.

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Legal and ID Theft Club

The Legal and ID Theft Club was developed to give consumers access to affordable legal services as well as ID monitoring and restoration services.  Our unique identity theft solution provides you with all the components necessary to restore one’s identity, and prevent future incidences of identity theft. All work done on behalf of the member is performed by qualified paralegals. Our program takes a completely hands on approach to providing free and discounted legal advice as well as providing full identity theft restoration, backed by insurance coverage.

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Auto Services Club

Our roadside service has been providing excellent service for millions of motorists since 1962 and at extremely competitive prices. To round out our auto savings club, we’ve included access to valuable discounts with some of the top names in auto rentals and auto services.  The Auto Services Club gives peace of mind when traveling on the road. It also includes great discounts to theme parks like Universal Studios.

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Pet Club

The Pet Club is a quality discounted services program tailored to save consumers money and keep pets healthy. For those who choose not to purchase expensive Pet Insurance, our savings certainly takes a bite out of expensive Vet visits and the cost of retail pet provisions. This plan includes all pets in the household and provides the most comprehensive 24/7 pet concierge service available, bar none!

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Travel Club

Our travel club not only exudes tremendous value, it truly delivers. This program can be sold on a monthly or annual basis. Included is a $2,500 travel saving voucher that can be applied to cruises, hotels or flights, discounts on every mode of travel, discounts on hotels and family entertainment, as well as 24/7 worldwide access to the same prestige concierge service afforded the Platinum members of one of the top international credit card companies.

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Other Services

Social Media

We provide a social media accelerator program that compliments our mobile engagement, providing you with a complete, cutting edge marketing strategy.

Mobile Marketing

Benefit from the expertise we’ve developed through building and supporting hundreds of mobile apps that drive our clients’ perpetual marketing platforms.


Benefit Provisions provides high-caliber, in-house fulfillment solutions for your membership programs.  Customizable with your branding, your message, and through your choice of delivery options.     Read More


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